Yes, the raw power of *nix is too much for many people to handle. So we get our fair share of hate mail. Never fear, dear internet surfer and fellow unixporn afficianado, has no intention of backing down -- ever! They can threaten us with legal action, eternal damnation, or even retribution from Balmer himself, but we will never step down from our fight to bring our Linux desktops the recognition they deserve.

more hate mail

This email from an angry parent, outraged at the lurid depictions of Vim in so many of our screenshots, went pretty much unanswered. As the writer even acknowledges, this is the internet and what what Vim does online is pretty much the web's property. So keep on sending in your shots of Vim in all manners of configurations, doing what Vim does best on any variety of *nix flavours. We're especially interested in any dual action shots using :sp foobar or :vsp foobar. It sounds kinky but Vim kinda is, I guess. Oh and I've heard about some people having a kind of fetish for shots of emacs and vim on the same screen. Filthy, yes?

our first hate e-mail

I've often been asked how I responded to this article of reactionary hatred and fear. Well, I tried to be as polite as possible while still conveying to her the superiority of the Linux Desktop Environments.

Dear Mrs. McPherson,

I appreciate your concern over the screenshots of these shocking desktops. Many people, once seeing these, can no longer sit in front of their Windows or Mac computer without inevitably dreaming of having something better...something more....Linuxy. It's a frightening feeling at first, and yes, it will feel wrong...or "bad". But I think if you'll try it for yourself (there are many livecds for you to try risk-free) you will find that it is fun, pleasurable, and if you truly let yourself go with it, you'll find there's no guilt necessary.

But Mrs. McPherson, maybe you should ask yourself why you are judging this site so much. Is it because you were told when you were young that Linux is wrong? Did you, perhaps, have feelings toward Linux, but were scolded for them?

As for the diaper / washing powder connection: yes, there are diapers branded as "unix" and this is because quite honestly plain old unix has been soiled fairly well by companies like SCO and Sun and Apple. This is why, truly, Linux is in many ways the great cleansing of the Unix masses. Because where BSD and Unix have failed, Linux succeeds.

We look forward to a call from your lawyers. But just be aware that little Timmy (by the way, I heard he's no good at soccer anyway) uses Linux every time he surfs the internets. Yes, much of the great internet is powered by Linux, and even things that are not powered by Linux often are using members of the same great Free Software family (you'll see it called "open source" too), so be careful out there.


unixpron, Webmaster
Master of the Web.